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Important Notes:

New Version Oct 06
This version has Blue and Amber LEDs. Otherwise the functions are the same. See the new User Guide.

Battery Cover Lock
Please ensure side button is in unlocked position before removing battery cover.
i.e like this: Cover unlocked

Battery selection
Talk time and standby time figures are best estimates only. Quoted figures will vary depending on usage patterns, connecting device (including mobile phone) and AAA battery specifications. We recommend using a high capacity AAA battery (alkaline, rechargeable NiMH or Lithium) for optimum performance. Rechargeable NiMH and lithium batteries may provide the lowest long term cost, despite higher initial costs.

General FAQs:
Many queries (e.g. How To Pair) are common to all Bluetooth devices. Don't forget to look at the General FAQs as well as the device-specific ones show here.

PMR AAA Battery Headset - Support Page

PMR AAA Bluetooth Headset   PMR AAA Bluetooth Headset

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PMR AAA Battery Headset- Documents, Downloads & FAQs


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